Here the air travelers’ top 5 biggest complaints

ks4813How’s your last vacation? Having trouble with your flight? Forced to make complaints for lack of service during the air travel?  Then you’re not alone.

Thanks to TripAdvisor released survey of biggest complaints on air travel. It’s annual survey involving about two thousands respondents. For airline operators, this survey is good material to improve the traveler experience.  Here the answer when travelers were asked to share their biggest complaints about air travel:

  • Uncomfortable seats / limited legroom
  • Costly airline fees and ticket prices
  • Unpredictable flight delays
  • Long security lines
  • Other passengers (e.g. loud children)

The survey result shows that

  • 38% of  respondents say that giving “more legroom” is the number one thing airlines should do to improve the in-flight experience.
  • 44 percent have never paid extra for a better seating assignment.
  • 85 percent of travelers said they would pay less than $25 for a seat upgrade on domestic flights, 81 percent would pay $50 or less on international flights.
  • If they had it their way, 58 percent would take an aisle seat, 42 percent would choose the window, and four percent prefers the oft-dreaded middle seat.
  • 81 % would be willing to go without in-flight entertainment for a significantly cheaper flight.
  • 63 % are not willing to pay to sit in a designated “quiet” section of the airplane if airlines offered such a section, while 23 percent said they might pay less than $25.

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