Bali plane crash 2013 photos

Passengers were forced to swim to safety after a brand-new plane Boeing 737-800 carrying more than 100 people to Bali island missed the runway and crashed into the sea, 13 April 2013. The Boeing 737, operated by Indonesian carrier Lion Air, broke apart as it hit the water while coming in to land.  The plane originated from Bandung, the capital of West Java province, and had landed in two other cities on Saturday prior to the crash. Some photos of  Bali plane crash are circulated by twitters.

Officials initially said the plane overshot the runway and fell into the sea, but a spokesman for Lion Air, a low-cost carrier, said at a news conference that the plane hit the water before making it to the runway. The weather was cloudy with light rain at the time of the crash. he spokesman, Edward Sirait, said the new Boeing 737-800 Next Generation plane was received by the airline last month and was declared airworthy.

See the photos of  Bali plane crash 2013:

Indonesia Plane Crash-washington-post Indonesia Plane Crash-washington-post2 Indonesia Plane Crash-washington-post3 lion-crash-bali-indonesia lion-crash-bali-indonesia-AP lion-crash-bali-indonesia-AP2


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